About Crooked Stirrups  by David E. Jones, Inventor

“Crooked Stirrups” are designed with the base or tread of the stirrup sloping downward and away from the horse with the outside of the stirrup longer than the inside. This causes the rider to have a much more stable “base of support” when pressure is placed on the stirrups. The stirrup accommodates the rider’s feet in their un-level, tipped outwardly position when the legs are wrapped around the horse and saddle and results in a substantial increase in the rider’s balance. The rider’s feet fit flat against the base or tread of the stirrup giving the rider a very noticeable, increased security in the saddle. The rider’s center of gravity is lowered since the knees are no longer torqued severely, inwardly toward the horse, allowing more balance control and fewer “lost” stirrups. Numbness and pain in the feet, ankles, knees, back and legs are eliminated when their origin was the unnecessary pressure on the outer edges of the feet.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Crooked Stirrups is the diverse, overwhelming acceptance of this product. When we first introduced Crooked Stirrups, top Team Roping professionals began using them immediately. All proclaiming that they simply had more control and balance on their horses. Seasoned (that would be “older”) professional horsemen understood the stirrups’ benefits and began purchasing them. A group of “day-working” cowboys from Wyoming were next. They were astonished that they could buy a pair of stirrups were not only be comfortable, but would outlast the traditional stirrups they were buying. Our first contact with the top of the show horse world was the late Guy Stoops. Guy saw our daughter Jennifer showing in the stirrups, took a look at them and said, “those stirrups look like something that I need to know about”. He rode in them for less than ½ hour before he called me over to the arena to tell me how much better he could, "get around his horse." He marveled at the increased control he felt. A top reining horse professional trainer and showman tried the stirrups and told us he would never have imagined what a difference crooked stirrups could make in balance and control. He said, “Just looking at the crooked stirrups as different, I would never have bought them. Now that I have tried them, I think that they are a product that every one of my amateurs should purchase”. We began receiving claims from riders with riding pains (knees, ankles and backs) and how crooked stirrups had relieved their pain. Trail riders and Elk hunters called us to tell us how much more comfortable our stirrups were and how much more fun their riding activities were without stress and pain and with more balance and control. Beginning riders called us to tell us how crooked stirrups had increased their balance, control and made it much easier to learn to ride and rope. Barrel Racers began calling us, telling us how their horses could run faster when their balance was more stable and how Crooked Stirrups helped solve problems with losing stirrups. And on, and on!!!! To date, we have never had a single pair of Crooked Stirrups returned nor have we ever heard from or about anyone who didn’t enjoy the Crooked Stirrups benefits except for two instances where the riders had put the Crooked Stirrups on their saddles backwards. Beware: Crooked Stirrups are designed to be used with the long side out away from your horse. 
Not only do we manufacture and sell crooked stirrups, but we use them. Our daughter, Jennifer Albright from Fort Worth, TX recently won the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) Limited Non Pro Division at the 2004 All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH. 1st out of 110 entries. She drew an early show position, made a great presentation and withstood the competition to win this very prestigious event. A great victory and of course she was using Crooked Stirrups. We are all very proud. Click on her picture to see a larger view.


Why weren't stirrups always made this way?




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