As you read through these endorsements, you will notice the names of very accomplished and respected horsemen, horsewomen and their families as well as beginning riders that are enjoying the Crooked Stirrups’ benefits of increased balance, better control, comfort and improved riding and performance skills. Please send us your endorsement of this great product. We would like to include your experiences and results from using Crooked Stirrups. Please, use the comment form below.

Endorsements of Crooked Stirrups

"Crooked Stirrups has made a great difference in my balance while in competition. They are easy to hold and very comfortable. These are the stirrups for the serious Barrel Racer."
Janae Ward - 2003 World Champion Barrel Racer


“All I had to do was try Crooked Stirrups one time to realize that they are the most important improvement in stirrup technology ever. I now have Crooked Stirrups on all of my saddles and have won many competitions with them, including the 2003 APHA Reserve World Champion, Senior Team Roping Heading.” 
Ken Backhaus, N. Carolina


“I felt more at ease and closer to my horse the first day I tried your stirrups. After riding horses all day I did not have the usual aches and pains in my legs and hips. What more could your want?”
James Ward, Oklahoma

“If I had used stirrups like these forty years ago, I probably would not have had to have knee surgery. Besides putting your feet in the correct position, they are comfortable and easy to get out of.”
Dale Youree, Oklahoma

“I would like to to let you know how much your Crooked Stirrups have helped me with the pain in my hips. About four years ago I had total hip replacement in my right hip, since riding your stirrups I have noticed less stress on my hips and the ability to stand up and ride like I should.”
Brad Alford, Texas

“I got my stirrups and wondered what all the fuss was about, until, I found out that I had put them on backwards. I can hardly believe that Crooked Stirrups can make so much difference in my balance and they are soooooo comfortable.”
Embarrassed in California


“Use Crooked Stirrups with the long side out, 
away from the horse”.
Note from Crooked Stirrups


I have been roping for almost 30 years and due to a bad left hip, I had to quit in the spring of 2003. I had my hip replaced that July and the following winter I started back roping. During my time of healing, I got a pair of Crooked Stirrups and was so anxious to try them because my boss, Bob Feist (producer of the BFI Team Roping Classic) had been using them as well as my husband who had also had a hip replacement a few years earlier. Well, they were correct in their ravings about Crooked Stirrups. I went back to riding, then roping, all the time using them. I has been a year I will never forget as I won three saddles and was named the Most Improved Heeler in our Women's Team Roping Association (WTRA). I really feel that the Crooked Stirrups gave me the stability and confidence to stand up in my stirrups and deliver a heel loop without fear of pain. Because my knees are not the greatest in the world, I know that Crooked Stirrups keep me from walking like "Chester" from Gunsmoke when I dismount. Bottom line, Crooked Stirrups are awesome!!!!!
Steph Anderson, General Manager of Ropers Sports News


“After I bought my first set of Crooked Stirrups, I started to pay attention to the stirrups in photos in Team Roping magazines. I have noticed that many of the Top Professional Team Ropers are competing and winning in Crooked Stirrups. That certainly tells me something.”
Nick Fuller, Tennessee


“I ride and rope every day. Over the years I developed very bad knees. In 1999 I had them “cleaned-up” but I still had a lot of pain and discomfort. I saw Jerry Jetton at a ropin’ and he told me about Crooked Stirrups. I took the stirrups to my doctor, Dr. William Brainard, MD. Dr. Brainard thought the stirrups would help and wrote me a prescription for them. I now have 4 sets of crooked stirrups on the saddles I ride everyday and I just don’t ride the other ones. I feel I would not be riding today if I didn’t have my crooked stirrups. You bet they helped.”
Don Kimble, Arizona

“I started riding not long ago and had terrible problems with my balance and position on a horse. I bought a pair of crooked stirrups and immediately noticed a drastic improvement. Now I ride with much more confidence and control. I have even started Team Roping and enjoy the speed and motion. Trail riding in these stirrups is tremendous, comfortable and I don’t get sore. I wonder why anyone would even want those old fashioned stirrups anymore.
Roy McSpadden, Arkansas

I was a USTRC #4 until 3 knee surgeries and unbearable pain forced me to quit roping and riding. Then the cows got out and I had to help gather them. I rode in a saddle with crooked stirrups and rode hard. When I got off I immediately noticed nothing, no pain. Now, because of crooked stirrups, I am roping and riding again. I tell riders about crooked stirrups every chance I get.
Debbie Mader, Wyoming

Like a lot of other folks, I tried these stirrups because it sounded like the concept made sense. I definitely have better balance and also less strain on my knees. This is a simple but major improvement in riding technology.
Andrew Joffer, Oregon

I was at a roping in Aguilla, AZ. in March. I saw a pair of Crooked Stirrups on Deb Maders saddle. We got to talking about them and how they were working for her. So she let me try them for a couple of runs. I could tell the difference right away. I bought a pair as soon as I got home. They are great. No more pain in my knees.
Jim Heiser, Montana

I have been using Crooked Stirrups for the past two years and have used them in many different applications. I must say that they are great in everything I have tested them in. When I announce a rodeo on horseback I will sometimes be in the saddle for three to four hours at a time. Prior to using Crooked Stirrups I would be very stiff when I dismounted and had to be careful the first few steps. Now I get off and step right out and have a lot less stiffness.

I have roped in these as well and find them far more comfortable than regular stirrups. I also go on extended trail rides and have enjoyed the rides much more since I have been using Crooked Stirrups.

This is a product that makes sense and has had a lot of thought put into the design. I would suggest anyone try them and see for themselves the benefits they offer.

Thanks for a great product.

Bob Feist, California

"Your stirrups are unbelievable! I have cortisone shots in my knees every spring, but riding is not enjoyable any more. I ranch ride a lot & still do some barrel racing, and for the first time in years it feels better to ride than to walk! I feel like I am wearing good arch supports, I will spread the news!!"
Lila Glade, Nebraska


Why weren't stirrups always made this way?




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