There is a SECRET

Put a little slope on the tread or alter the hanger rod. Call it canted, sloped or angled and it must be the same as Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups. NOT EVEN CLOSE !!! 60,000+ Crooked Stirrups® stirrup users know there is a difference even if they don’t know the secret.

Hints to find the Crooked Stirrups® SECRET

  1. A tapered hanging rod or drilling a new hole to change the slope of the hanger rod of a stirrup will not make the stirrup function like a Crooked Stirrups® stirrup.
  2. Putting a wedge or tape on the inside of the stirrup tread to make the tread sloped will not make the stirrup function like Crooked Stirrups® stirrup products.
  3. A hanger rod cover (swivel cover) reduces the function of Crooked Stirrups® stirrups and is not recommended.
  4. No leather tread cover is necessary on authentic, original, Crooked Stirrups®. (because of the design, a tread cover may cause the stirrup to be more slick and may reduce the function of the stirrup.) Our covered stirrups are shaped differently for covering so that they function properly.
  5. Rounded tread stirrups (a characteristic of wood or covered wood stirrups) do not function the same as Crooked Stirrups® stirrups,
  6. Crooked Stirrups® stirrups do not function properly when used on narrow stirrup leathers, trail saddles. Tapered hanger rods do not make stirrups function like Crooked Stirrups® products.
  7. Balance control is lessened if Western saddle stirrup leathers are narrower than 3 inches. (the connection of the wide 3” stirrup leathers and the Crooked Stirrups® stirrup products is part of the “Secret”.)
  8. Crooked Stirrups® stirrups products are not made for and NOT recommended for English riding. They may cause a loss of balance when used on narrow, floppy stirrup leathers. English stirrups with an angled tread or tread pad are designed to be used the opposite way from Crooked Stirrups® stirrup products.
  9. Your Balance is controlled by having the ability to instantaneously move the stirrups right/left and forward/back to positions that secure balance.

All of the above contribute to the “SECRET”. It’s probably not what you would expect. It’s pretty simple once you figure it out. Figure it out and you will really know why, “Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups are different than any other stirrups on the market”.

“It took a working knowledge of math, physics, biomechanics and 40+ plus years of teaching, training and riding experiences for me to figure out the function of Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups. I did find the “Secret”. David E. Jones

Why weren't stirrups always made this way?




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